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How to Turn Your Casual Dates a Hookup into a Real Relationship

How to Turn Your Casual Dates a Hookup into a Real Relationship

Surely, you have decided to start a hookup relationship with the goal of being able to hookup with whoever you want without the need for you to be in a long term relationship. However, the more you get to spend some time together, the more you get closer and it is sometimes inevitable to fall in love with your hookup partner at Hookupinaustin.com. When that happens, you would surely want to turn it into a serious relationship and to help you out, below are some things you can do to make it work.

Connect with him/her in a different platform

Apart from you communicating through the site only, might as well, communicate and connect with him/her in a different platform like for example, in social media. That way, you would know what he/she is like outside of Hookupinaustin.com. After doing that, do whatever it takes to know whether he/she is really interested in you and you can do that by sending him/her messages, writing on his/her wall or commenting on his/her posts.

Show him or her the real you

If you wanted your hookup partner at Hookupinaustin.com to fall in love with you for real, then you need to show him/her the real you, without any reservations. If the other person really likes you and truly intended to engage in a serious relationship with you, then they would be cool about your likes and dislikes for if not, then you better move on or you might live the rest of your life living in lies, which would surely give you a hard time.

Make your feelings clear to your online hookup partner

The other person would never know that you have feelings for him/her if you did not clearly tell them that. You need to know that there are certain types of people who would not want to assume about their relationship with others and so, they prefer hearing the words “I like you” or “I want to start a serious relationship with you” coming out directly from their hookup partner’s mouth. Hence, although it has been said that actions speaks louder than words, words would still be of great help for you to achieve your goal.

Make sure that you are not only sexually attracted to him/her

There might be times when you assume that you already love him/her when in fact, you are only sexually attracted to him/her. That should not be the case for after your hookup relationship should not only revolve around talking about sex. With that being said, you need to make sure that what you feel towards him/her is not only sexual attraction but real love before you blurt out that you want to take your relationship with him/her to the next level.

Before anything else, you need to ask yourself first whether you are really already prepared to enter a serious relationship or not and if you do, then you can go all the way to be with the man/woman you love.

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